Entertainers Unlimited

We have a wide variety of Artists and Entertainers to suit any occasion and event. From kids to adults, social events to corporate family days. We ensure all artists are professional and experienced.

Family Acts

A family that laughs together stays together. We have been offering family-based entertainment for social as well as well as corporate events. We have curated the best entertainment for families across all genres.

Corporate Games

Games are an integral part of any celebration or event. Games always bring families together. Games are a great way to boost employee motivation, team spirit and bonding. Choose from the wide variety of games for your social or corporate event.


Our unique acts cover Folk and cultural entertainment from across India. We also offer you some fabulous spectacular group shows and featured artists. Browse through our pages to look for the ideal act for your event.


We all love kids. A happy child is a blessed child. We have curated the best entertainment for kids across all genres. From Solo shows to interactive activities. We have entertainment for children of all ages.


We curate the finest international acts for all occasions. Social as well as Corporates. Solo as well as Groups. Musicians, Comedy, Circus and Dance. International artists are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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